Our Clients Story

Learn how our clients use the Smart App and Smart Web system to build stronger branding and transform their business from traditional into digital way.

"After involved in Smart App, operation process becomes easier and greatly reduced the amount of customer cancel order. When customers make an order, we'll immediately receive the order and make process on the spot. At the same time , we also able to collect customer data and customize it based on the data collection. Thanks to Shop Plus Tech team and I very happy that I am using this Smart App system."
"I'm happy that this system helps to solve our company 3 main problems:
1) Strengthen our company business funds as the smart app comes with E-wallet features where we can collect extra funds to increase our cash flow.
2) Automation our company process from traditional to online and reduce manpower error on company operation procedure. We able to send out E-catalog and E-recipe to customers download via app and no longer rely on salesman to travel outside.
3) Establish our brand awareness and strengthen company marketing in Malaysia market.
Thanks Shop Plus Tech for the great works!"
Eciatto Founder
"Through Smart App, our sales have increased due to promotion created in the smart apps to encourage customers make a booking via the apps. Besides that, I'm happy with the after sales service from them as we can keep getting assistant and solution whenever we encounter problems. I strongly urge other SME bosses must try this Smart App System as this able to help them gain more sales."
Freddy Siaw
Japan Boat Takoyaki Founder

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